Social Thinking Groups

All groups are individualized to best meet the needs of the group members.

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Everyday Heroes™’/Superflex Academy®
Children are introduced to the hero that resides in all of us…Superflex!® Superflex has a very flexible brain which allows him/her to acquire and apply social skills to everyday and difficult situations. Characters such as “Rock Brain”, “Mean Jean”, and “Was Funny Once” try to take over social town but the children learn that the Superflex in their own brains has many strategies to defeat these characters. Students who work everyday to understand and overcome inflexible thinking patterns in challenging social situations certainly qualify as Everyday Heroes!™ Superflex® materials are the creation of two superheroes in the ASD community-Stephanie Madrigal and Michelle Garcia Winner. Appropriate for ages 8-11 years.

Social Detectives®
This is a good group for children who are beginning to develop their perspective taking skills. Using the theme of detectives the children hone their observation skills by discovering why it is interesting to look at people and make meaning from what they see. Students will also be introduced to Delsandro’s, We Can Make It Better, flexible thinking social stories. Ages 5 and up.

Introduction to the Story Grammar Marker® for Social Cognition, Oral Language and Reading Comprehension I
Students learn the vocabulary and identify the icons of the Story Grammar Marker® by reading and/or being read to from books that introduce the elements of narrative development or fiction. Emphasis is placed on understanding the motives or perspectives of the various characters and supports an understanding of why an action has occurred. The idea of multiple perspectives is introduced. In addition, application to the stories of their own lives is developed via role playing, movie making and use of Delsandro’s, We Can Make It Better flexible thinking stories. Appropriate for Ages 5 and older. (Learn more about Story Grammar Marker by going to

Straight UP! Social Thinking and Skills starts with the specific thinking and skills needed to function in a group. Although a part of this group is devoted to unstructured peer interactions, the primary focus is on making concrete and clear, the abstract and confusing social activities children have to deal with everyday. Attention is paid to the skills specifically needed at school including: recess skills, small and large group participation, development of friendships, organizational skills, time management and conversational skills. Lessons are based on the ILAUGH® (Garcia-Winner) model of social cognitive development. Appropriate for 8 years and older

Our Group™ is couched in the theme of your child’s special focus, interest or hobby. An individual session prior to the group focuses on specific social skills to be practiced in the group. Group members consist of your child and two or three of their school or neighborhood peers who share this interest. Groups take place at your home or at our office in Northampton. These groups are enjoyable for all children but especially for those students who are resistant to being in a more formal social skills group.

Play with You™ A simple and consistent, yet flexible structure is created for the group. Children are coached through normal play activities with their peers. Mini-lessons for social cognition are sprinkled throughout the session. Friendships may blossom from participation in this group as the children are directed on learning the how and why of playing with peers. Wolfberg’s concepts of novice and expert players is utilized in selecting members for the group which can take place at your home, the child’s school, or in my office. This model was developed for seven years in a public school setting. Utilizing principles from DIR, ILAUGH, behavior modification and normal play development. The Play with You group is creative, wild, loud and fun! This format is appropriate for preschool through 4th grade.

All groups focus on social cognitive development as well as social skills. There is also time for practicing these skills via a variety of play and conversational activities.

All groups are led by Kathleen Becker, a speech/language therapist specializing in social cognition and skill development. Days and times are arranged according to the student’s availability. Groups of 2 to 4 students are created based on the age and social cognitive skills of individual students.