SOCIAL THINKING AND MORE offers a practical mix of activities and treatments designed for the growth of social thinking and communication. Learning goals are scaffolded allowing each child to move closer to the primary goal of internalizing a “can do” attitude.

Services provided include individual and small group therapy for toddlers through teens, focusing on the social thinking, language and behaviors needed for effective communication in a variety of contexts. In the youngest children this may take the form of basic relating and play skills. Older students may benefit from explicit instruction in social skills, reading comprehension, written expression as well as the development of executive function or organizational skills. We strive to help children become empowered communicators, make friends, feel smart, do their homework, and like themselves more.

At Social Thinking and More we work with students having one or more of the following diagnosis: High-Functioning ASD, Aspergerʼs Syndrome, Non-Verbal Learning Disability, ADHD, Social Anxiety Disorder. However, a child does not have to have a specific diagnosis to benefit from help in developing their social, play, communication and organizational skills.

In addition to individual and group work, Social thinking and More offers comprehensive evaluations of communication skills, consultation and coaching for care providers and schools as well as in-services.

Kathleen Becker is a licensed, certified Speech-Language Pathologist who has worked with children on the autism spectrum since 1977. In 1983, she was a founding member of Project Prepare, the Commonwealthʼs first public school program for students with autism. In 2007, she completed a mentorship program with Michelle Garcia Winner at her Social Thinking clinic in California. She has maintained a private practice for over 25 years while continuing to work in a wide variety of settings. Her therapeutic compass and teaching techniques are informed by 30 years of using a developmental communication model and play therapy. She also draws upon the work of many experts including: Michelle Garcia Winner (ILAUGH), Stanley Greenspan (Floor Time), Pamela Wolfberg (Integrated Play groups) Maryellen Rooney-Moreau (Story Grammar Marker) and Jean Ayers (Sensory Integration).